Why investing in Georgia (country)?

Why investing in Georgia (country)?

Why investing in Georgia (country)?


Tbilisi has among of the lowest real estate prices of any capital city in the developed world, with fully finished flats starting at under $35,000. Tbilisi is the ideal buying destination for anyone wishing to invest in foreign real estate but finding prices out of reach.

Tourism Numbers Continue to Rise

Each year, the number of tourists visiting Tbilisi continues to rise. The number of tourists visiting the city climbed by more than 30% in the first half of 2017, and the number of international visitors arriving at Tbilisi Airport increased by more than 42%. And there's still room for more increase in the numbers. The bulk of visitors to the city currently come from the Middle East, Ukraine, Russia, and Central Asian countries. There are still a limited number of direct flights to Western Europe. However, with new routes being introduced on a regular basis, Tbilisi may anticipate an increase in the number of high-spending European tourists visiting the city in the coming years.

High Rates of Occupancy

The number of tourists visiting Tbilisi is expanding at a considerably quicker rate than the number of hotel rooms being added to the market. This is contributing to good occupancy rates — in excess of 80 percent for well-marketed facilities – and relatively high room charges, especially in the busy summer months.

a scarcity of competition

While there are many flats for rent in Tbilisi – both long-term and short-term vacation rentals – the majority of them have been finished and equipped to Georgian standards. In the city, there is a severe shortage of housing geared to cater to the discerning and high-spending foreign market.

Exceptional Rental Returns

It's just simple economics. The combination of high demand and low supply yields outstanding results. When you include in Tbilisi's extremely low property prices, you're looking at potentially really high rental yields. You might expect Gross Rental Yields of up to 15% for the right property in the right location, marketed correctly.

Potential Capital Gains

You will be among the first wave of real estate investors to take advantage of Tbilisi's unique potential if you invest in Tbilisi real estate now. These opportunities, however, will not remain hidden indefinitely. Prices will rise as the rest of the world realizes the potential of Tbilisi's real estate market. Fast. As a result, 'early adopters' who enter the market now can expect to enjoy significant cash gains as the price of their apartment rises rapidly.

Foreign buyers face no obstacles.

Foreigners find it difficult to buy property in some nations. Not so in Georgia. Property is available for purchase on a complete freehold basis, with the same terms as domestic Georgian buyers. The property registration process is exceedingly simple and quick. In just a few hours, you can have a property registered in your name.

Property tax exemption

The cost of registering a property in Georgia ranges from $50 to $200/$20 to $80, depending on how quickly you need it done. There is no Stamp Duty or equivalent to pay, which eliminates the hidden costs of property ownership that most other countries have.

Visa policy is liberal.

You won't have much trouble entering into Georgia from anywhere in the world because the country has one of the most permissive visa policies in the world. And once you're here, most passport holders can stay for as long as they like — sometimes up to a year.

Possibility of Permanent Residence

Are you looking for a permanent second residence? Tbilisi is an excellent option. Georgia has the lowest cost of living in Europe, and the environment and native hospitality are two further reasons to consider migrating here. Anyone who invests $100,000 or more in real estate in Georgia is eligible for Permanent Residence, which includes all of the same benefits as native Georgians.

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