Property Tax & Rental Income Taxes in Georgia (Country)

Property Tax & Rental Income Taxes in Georgia (Country)

Property Tax & Rental Income Taxes in Georgia (Country)

Companies own up to 1% of the property (In practice, it is almost always 1 percent )

0.6 percent for leasing companies (involved in financial, not operational leasing)

0 to 1 percent for persons (depending on household income, as well as the municipality in which the property in question is located in).

On the ground: varies depending on the type of land (agricultural or non-agricultural) and the municipality.

20% of commercial property is rented.

5% of residential property is rented out (Terms apply)

1% surcharge on certain types of automobiles

"[Y]achts (cutters), helicopters, airplanes, and motor automobiles specified under Code 8703 of the National Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activities that he/she owns," according to GTC Article 201(1). (c.a).


Individuals must file a property tax declaration by November 1st and pay their property tax by November 15th of each year.

Individuals who rent out residential property are required to file a personal income tax return by March 31st of the following year.

Property taxes must be filed by the 31st of March of the year after the reporting period. 

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