Difference between black frame, white frame or green frame in Georgia

Difference between black frame, white frame or green frame in Georgia

Difference between black frame, white frame or green frame in Georgia

When people say black frame, white frame, or green frame, what exactly do they mean?

The terms black frame, white frame, and green frame are used to characterize the property's development stage.

Many properties (particularly apartment buildings) sell units in various states of completion.
To make matters worse, the formal definition of framing varies depending on who you ask.

In Georgia, certain unscrupulous property developers, owners, and agents have been known to use inaccurate framing terms (on purpose) to inflate the worth of the property and test if a gullible foreigner will buy it from them at that price.
Those who are fooled are foreigners who opt to go property hunting on their own because they believe they are knowledgeable enough to negotiate the market.
But, hey, at the very least, they can brag to their friends about how they "saved" a 2% agent commission when they overpaid for their home by 15%!
(insert emoji of an eye roll here)

If you wish to buy property in Tbilisi, you should hire a local agent to assist you.
Georgian agents are like any other country's agents: there are a few you can trust to perform a wonderful job for you, and a lot more you should avoid.
If you'd like, we can assist you in finding one.
If you need assistance finding one, please contact us here (there is no fee for our help).

There is some debate over the precise definitions of these phrases.
These descriptions will offer you a rough understanding, while some agents, owners, or developers may define them differently than what you read here.

The term "black frame" refers to a unit that is essentially a shell (the name comes from the dark grey color of the concrete used to make the floors and walls).
A door, windows, a floor, and a ceiling are the only features of black frame properties.
Basic plumbing and power to the unit may be present, but the plumbing and electricity will not be configured in a functional manner without additional work on the buyer's behalf.
Staircases, an elevator, halls, and a lobby will be included in the structure.

The buyer is responsible for finishing the unit with internal room modification and running water, electricity, and HVAC to the rooms that require them.
Black frame properties appeal to buyers because they allow them to design the personalized living arrangements that suit them best, and they are less expensive than white frame, green frame, or turnkey properties.

White frame: A white frame property is partially finished, which means it has plastered walls, electrical, plumbing, and gas in all the necessary places, as well as finished floors, internal walls, lighting, and HVAC.
Because there is no official, legal definition of "white frame," I say "generally."

WARNING: Some developers will promise you a white frame apartment, but their meaning of white frame and your concept of white frame may differ drastically.
You will most likely be dissatisfied if you do not state in your contract with the developer what you expect with the white frame delivery of your unit.
A good real estate agent who speaks the native language and is aware of the developer's "tricks" is priceless.
They will assist you in navigating such scenarios and ensuring that your interests are protected during the transaction.

Green frame: Green frame apartments are finished, move-in ready apartments.
The only things missing are furnishings and any cosmetic changes you want to make (like painting walls).

WARNING: Some developers will claim to offer green frame finishes while in fact they are offering "white frame +" finishes.
Again, it is crucial to set out in your purchase contract ALL of the details of what is expected with the final delivery.

Turnkey or renovated: Turnkey flats are fully equipped and ready to move into as soon as you arrive with your suitcase. 

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