Can foreigners buy properties in Georgia (country)? and mortgage informations.

Can foreigners buy properties in Georgia (country)? and mortgage informations.

Can foreigners buy properties in Georgia (country)? and mortgage informations.

Foreigners are allowed to own property in Georgia.

Yes, citizens of any country have the same rights to own property in Georgia as Georgian citizens.
However, there is one notable exception: only Georgian nationals are permitted to own agricultural land.
Everything else is fair game for everyone. 

Is it possible for a foreigner to get a mortgage in Tbilisi?
What are the procedures?

Yes, foreigners are able to obtain mortgages in Georgia.
Just because something is conceivable does not mean it is simple or prudent.

In order to secure a mortgage in Georgia, you must first have proper residency or citizenship.
You must also provide proof of income (usually through tax filings from your income earned in Georgia).
Georgian banks, like banks all across the world, will base the amount you can borrow for a mortgage on your income level.
They want to make sure you can pay back your loan.

Georgia has some of the highest mortgage interest rates in the country.
Mortgage interest rates in Georgia range from 12 to 14 percent, depending on your situation, as of this writing (2021).

It's also worth noting that you'll need a substantial down payment before the bank will consider lending you money.
Banks frequently demand a 50 percent down payment in order to secure a mortgage.
In addition, mortgages in Georgia are typically for ten years.

Many foreigners in Georgia choose to pay cash for their homes rather than deal with mortgages because of residency requirements, income criteria, high interest rates, big down payments, and short mortgage durations. 

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