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For Sale
2 Beds
2 Bath
125 m²
For Rent
$1,000 / month
1 Beds
1 Bath
58 m²
6 Beds
2 Bath
212 m²
For Rent
$3,500 / month
3 Beds
2 Bath
155 m²
For Rent
$700 / month
2 Beds
1 Bath
64 m²

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What is the process to acquire real estate in Georgia? Batumi & Tbilisi

Georgia is one of the world's top ten simplest nations to acquire real estate in. The purchase of real estate in Georgia is open to purchasers of any nationality.


Guide to different districts of Tbilisi Georgia (country)

This guide will offer you an outline of what to anticipate in each location in Tbilisi so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


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